Earthstage is a business unit of Mixplex, featuring motion picture and online projects by Neil Zusman.
This domain is the staging area for contracted websites prior to their release to production.

Neil Zusman is a production consultant and designer specializing in electronic media and information architecture located in Ithaca, New York.

Mixplex creates motion picture websites.


Mixplex websites are built with Drupal and hosted at Linode, optimized for security, speed and efficiency.  Earthstage and its' sub-domains are the proving ground for online and mobile solutions with pricing starting at $500.

Mixplex develops magazine format public, personal and private collections using graphically rich discovery tools. My main project is a suite of sites concerned with my professional life as a media artist. My friends and associates help support this work by contracting my services.

The Earthstage domain is where you to try out a copy of your website in a safe place, hidden from Google. On your staging site new features for your sites may be evaluated during consultation with the Mixplex team, before they are released to production. Periodically, I will send out notices regarding new features and upgrades as well as announce scheduled maintenance service.

Our synthetic manifestations go through extensive testing across all browser platforms and mobile devices.

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